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Consider the Benefits of Collaborative Practice

More Privacy

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Keep Details Private

Details of your dispute remain private and out of public records and media attention. This helps protect you, your family, and personal information.

More Control

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Determined Together

The goal is an agreeable settlement based on needs of each person. Outcomes are not determined by a judge resulting from litigation.

Less Conflict

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Reduce Strain on Family

The collaborative process is based on respectful and open discussion which helps reduce the emotional and financial impact on all involved.

Less Destructive

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Constructive Options

The goal of collaborative is not to destroy your spouse or partner, but to settle matters constructively and thoughtfully so that everyone can continue to enjoy life.

The Collaborative Process is a safe, private, and respectful dispute resolution process for family law matters such as divorce, guardianship, pre-nuptial & post-nuptial agreements, cohabitation, etc.

When can Collaborative help?

  • When Married, Unmarried, and Same Sex Couples are Separating
  • When Couples are seeking Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
  • With Paternity Disputes
  • For Post-Judgment Modifications

Take the next step – Talk to a Collaborative Professional

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About HCCP

Howard County Collaborative Professionals is a not-for-profit group of attorneys, financial professionals, mental health providers and other professionals specially trained in the collaborative divorce process.  We want to help you and your families resolve your divorce in a respectful way to achieve results that are mutually satisfying to both parties and beneficial to the children.  The goal is to help you learn about the benefits of the collaborative law process and to connect you with collaborative professionals who can help you with your divorce, separation, child custody & support and other matters important to you.