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Colette Brunell
Collaborative Coach / Child Specialist
Colette Brunell, LCSW-C, BCD, LLC

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5550 Sterrett Place Suite 314
Columbia Maryland 21044
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My name is Colette Brunell and I wear different “hats”.  I am a Collaborative Divorce Coach, a Mediator, a Psychotherapist, and a Parent Coordinator. In the past 30 years I have never stopped learning. My work with couples (and individuals) emphasizes effective communication using key tools, to enhance productive work in helping each person move forward with their own life.

Life presents many challenges. The key is how we handle these challenges, and how we manage our strengths throughout adversity. As a coach, I help my client cope more effectively with emotions which might impede the divorce process. Focus is on the present and the future. The resolution is a constructive, civilized and respectful process, which preserves the integrity of the family. In my role as a coach I am not a therapist. I am focused solely on the divorce process and issues.

I am an active member of the Board of Directors of the Howard County Collaborative Practice group, and I am involved with committee work.  I also participate with Collaborative Groups in the Baltimore area. Please visit my website: and contact me at 410-730-6119 or