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Presented by Lisa Herrick, PhD and Kate Scharff, MSW

We all work with people in the maelstrom of ending a marriage – sometimes by their own design, and sometimes the end feels like a bolt from the blue. The feelings generated by that storm include grief, rage, terror, relief, anxiety, hopelessness…. and hope. Some of our clients can experience every one of those emotions during the time we are working with them. That reality can make our work difficult, confusing, exhausting and even distressing.

This workshop will focus on a set of specific concepts and techniques that can help us, as professionals and as people interacting with trauma, stay grounded, stay compassionate, stay focused, and stay effective.  We will explore ways to create a strong relationship with clients from the first moment of contact, factors to consider when deciding how to handle challenging moments during meetings, and how to navigate our own reactions to some of the most provocative experiences our clients might share with us. The workshop will invite participants to put into practice the concepts and techniques they are learning, with role play exercises punctuating each module of the learning. Participants should attend this training with a readiness to take risks in stretching their own current skills and adding in new approaches that may be less familiar.

https://lisaherrick.com/ and  http://www.katescharff.com/


When:  Monday, November 18, 2019, 9:45am to 1pm

Where: Cured 18th & 21st   https://www.cured1821.com/

10980 Grantchester Way, Suite 110Columbia, MD 21044

Cost:    $35 members & $45 non-members

Pre-registration is recommended. Here is the link.

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